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Pesto Genovese (original)

Pesto Genovese  (original)

Ingredients :

100 g basil leaves from Albenga, 40 g pine nuts, 100 g grated parmesan (or grana padano), 20 g pecorino sardo cheese, 100 g Polla Selezione Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, 6 g coarse sea salt.

Method :

In the pestle and mortar (which should be marble with a wooden pestle) put the garlic and salt so when the (washed and dried) basil is added there will be an intense green colour. It’s important that the leaves aren’t ground on the bottom of the mortar, but on the sides, grinding clockwise, slowly without too much force. After the basil add the pine nuts and the cheeses. Finally add, drop by drop the Polla extra virgin olive oil.
To store: Pour into jars and leave to rest for a few hours with the jars open but covered with a sheet of greaseproof paper. When the oil has risen to the surface, separating the pesto from the air, close tightly; if necessary add some more olive oil before closing. Like this the pesto with last for a few months even if the green colour darkens.

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