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Porcini Mushrooms Salad

Porcini Mushrooms Salad

Ingredients for 4 people:

500 g porcini heads from Bardineto, 100 g white celery (or romaine lettuce or fresh marjoram), 70 g parmesan flakes, 2 spoonfuls of Polla Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Stoned Olives, a few drops of lemon juice, salt and black pepper (optional).

Method :

After cleaning the mushrooms well with a damp cloth (don’t wash them under the water!), cut them into thin slices, put into a large bowl, add the finely diced celery and the parmesan flakes. Dress with a pinch of salt, the lemon juice and Polla olive oil. Put in the fridge to rest for 3 to 6 hours. The consumption of raw mushrooms is possible, nonetheless care should be taken to ensure that they have been cleaned properly and that they belong to the right species. Not all mushrooms are edible raw and some may contain harmful substances.

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