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Club Sandwich Albenga

Club Sandwich Albenga

Ingredienti per 1 sandwich :

3 slices of farinata bianca (or alternatively sliced bread with no crusts), 2 slices of mature beef tomato from Albenga, 2 slices of grilled aubergine, 2 cheese slices, 4 marinated anchovy fillets, Polla Taggiasche Olive Paté , Polla Genovese Pesto, Polla Sun-dried Tomatoes, Polla Taggiasco Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Method :

Heat the oven to 180° C. Put the three slices of farinata bianca on a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper and brush with Polla taggiasco extra virgin olive oil. Grill until golden brown and crunchy. Remove the slices from the oven and leave to cool, patting off any extra oil with some kitchen roll. Start to put together the club sandwich (for example, on a plate decorated with a napkin) spread a teaspoon of Polla taggiasche olive paté, place a slice of grilled aubergine on top, then a teaspoon of chopped Polla sun-dried tomatoes, a slice of beef tomato, a teaspoon of Polla genovese pesto, two anchovy fillets, a slice of cheese and put the second slice of farinata on top. Continuing adding the layers as before finishing with the third slice of farinata. Stick a wooden skewer in the club sandwich and serve with Polla Pigato wine.

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