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12 bottles of Taggiasco Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Delicate Taste 1L
€ 125.00
€ 132.00
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The Taggiasco Polla is a premium filtered extra virgin olive oil obtained from the first cold press of Taggiasca olive, a typical cultivar from Imperia, - Riviera di Ponente, Liguria (Italy). 

The small fruit has an oval shape, a darkish-violet color, and soft skin. The Taggiasca olive tree has a vertical development and could reach 10 meters of height, ideal for the terraced groves perched on the hills overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

The Taggiasco EVO has a delicate taste, with an artichoke after-taste, sweet, digestible, and low acidity (max 0.3%).

It's ideal to satisfy the most demanding palates where oil is an integral and fundamental part of the food, with just the right amount of taste not to interfere with other flavors.

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